It is with great pleasure that we present the IV International Symposium of Science, Health and Territory to be held on June, 05 - 07, 2017, in the Universidade do Planalto Catarinense in Lages, on the Santa Catarina highlands. The event is organized by the faculty from the Environment and Health Post-Graduation Program (PPGAS/UNIPLAC).

This edition of the Symposium was inspired by the United Nations General Assembly, which defined the timeframe from 2016 to 2025 as the Decade of Action on Nutrition. ONU recognizes thereby the necessity of improving food and nutritional safety and promote sustainable agriculture, thus the achievement the purposes of the 2030 Agenda may be possible.

Therefore, in order to continue with the interdisciplinary actions strategieson the relation between environment and health, the present edition of the Symposium has as central theme "Safe, Nutritious and Sufficient Food", which has as goal to promote debates about food and nutritional safety focusing on sustainable food production systems, which may help to maintain the ecosystems, just as well as, the quality, safety and sustainable food consumption.

Through lectures, panel discussions and scientific presentations, involving experts with notorious knowledge, different themes will be discussed, such as: Food andnutritional safety; Sustainable production systems and public policies; Food quality and safety; Sustainable consumption and health promotion; Vigilance on agrochemicals and their impacts on health, work and environment.

From this meeting of researchers, students and community members, it is expected an appropriate forum of dissemination of national and international knowledge related to the subject matters concerning Science, Health and Territory. It is worth to notice the importance that this dialogue between researchers with distinct perspectives should surpass the limits of the scientific community and college, to also interact with social actors and sectors in their territory - those who are directly involved on the problems confrontations.

We would like to invite all professionals and graduation and post-graduation students, as well as interested citizens, to participate in our professional meeting.

The Organizing Committee

Translated by André Carlos Betiatto -
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