With great satisfaction, we present the 5th International Science, Health and Territorial Symposium to be held on June 10, 11 and 12, 2019 at the University of Planalto Catarinense in Lages, in the Serra Catarinense. The event is organized by the professors of the Interdisciplinary Program of Post-Graduation in Environment and Health of UNIPLAC (PPGAS / UNIPLAC), along with some institutions such as the Federal Institute Santa Catarina (IFSC / Lages), Agricultural Research and Rural Extension Company of Santa Catarina (EPAGRI / Lages) and Alto Vale do Rio do Peixe University (UNIARP).

This edition of the Symposium is inspired by Goal 3 of Agenda 2030 adopted by the UN General Assembly, which aims to ensure a healthy living condition and promote well-being for all, at all ages. The proposal of the event meets the need to fill gaps in the technical, scientific and social field in the health and well-being of the populations.

Therefore, in order to continue the strategies of interdisciplinary actions in relation to environment and health, the present edition of the Symposium aims to foster the discussion through lectures, round tables and presentation of scientific papers, involving professionals of notorious knowledge of the various areas of knowledge, where different topics will be debated, such as reemerging diseases, the lack of basic health care and the impact of different lifestyles on the health of the population. In addition, the theme discussed during the event will serve as an alert for the promotion of comprehensive health care at all ages through integrative and complementary practices, including medical anthropology, environmental health and sustainable production systems, ensuring a healthy living condition with happiness and well-being for all. In this way, human, animal and environmental health will be uniquely articulated as a proposal to reach healthy and sustainable territories.

From the meeting of researchers, students and the community in general, it is hoped to provide a forum for the dissemination of national and international knowledge related to issues involving Science, Health and Territory. It is important to remember that it is important for this dialogue between researchers with different perspectives to cross the frontiers of the scientific community and the university to interact with the actors and sectors of society in their territories.

We invite all professionals and undergraduate and graduate students, as well as all interested citizens, to participate in our professional meeting!

The Organizing Committee

Translated by Bárbara Koch -